Step 2: Drill Holes for the Exits

  1. Secure the cooler before you begin drilling.

  2. Attach the shank mandrel and hole cutter to your drill.

  3. Drill holes in both the front and left side of the cooler - For the front of the cooler: - Measure and mark 6” up from the bottom of the cooler - Measure and mark 20” from the left side; left being the side where you removed the handle - Drill on center to these marks; using a Coleman Xtreme, 6” from the bottom and 20” from the left side should end up where the logo sits on the cooler. - For the left, drill in the space where the handle was removed.

Work slowly to make sure that the holes are not larger than intended, so that the PVC pipe for the exits will fit snugly later.

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