Your DIY Cat Shelter Is Complete!


Once the shelter is dry it is ready to be picked up or taken to its final location.

There are just a couple final touches to make these great homes.

Add clean straw into the bottom of the shelters regardless of the season.

Adding the Winter Flaps

When the shelters go out, give cats time to adjust to their homes and get used to entering and exiting.

The feral colonies and rescue groups already using the shelters report that it does not take long for cats to adjust.

Always start with the flaps off, even in winter months.

To add a flap, just reach inside an exit and snap the flap onto the screws above the exit. Start with one flap at a time, again allowing cats time to adjust to the change.

Removing the Flaps in Warmer Months

Flaps retain heat, during summer months the internal temperature will raise too high with them on.

Once the flaps are on, come back as soon as the weather starts to get warm and remove them. These shelters are designed to be easy; easy to open, easy to clean, easy to build.

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